Our exhibitions aim to find new artists and create discourse to blow a new life into Korean art scene. They mainly support two types of activities, i.e. the creation and exhibition of emerging artists and public enjoyment of arts and culture, which is executed by our support program including portfolio
reviews and open call. From 2012, we will have annually more than four
planned programs ;  theme exhibitions to bring up main issues of Korean contemporary art , solo exhibitions to rediscover artists, exchange
exhibitions to invite foreign and domestic organizations and groups, and  group exhibition s to affiliated for discover-new-artist workshop.

education & workhop

We would like to enhance the understanding of contemporary art and promote communication with people through various education programs for students and adults

Exhibition-Affiliated Programs :

Include Artist’s talks, seminars, forums, symposiums and docent education programs affiliated with our planned exhibitions

School-Affiliated programs :

Support art and culture education in elementary, middle and high schools

Discover-New-Artists Programs :

Offer a summer workshop for emerging artists, affiliated with the planned exhibition for discovering new artists in the second half year

Adults Academy:

Offers lectures and forums to further better understanding and enjoying of arts and culture

Children’s Programs :

Offer art experiences for preschool and lower-classes school children

Internship Programs :

Offer a course to educate curators and planning professionals in the local art and cultural scene.

Arts and Cultural Programs :

Offer various artistic and cultural events relating to performance, literature, screening, etc.

study & research

We perform systemic study and research as well as publication activities for the purpose of extending and deepening the theories and discourses of Korean contemporary art. As part of our study and research, we have a plan to provide a space for seminars and symposiums dedicated to theoretic and creative activities of artists, curators, and scholars.